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Customer Feedback Drives Product Offerings

New product ideas come from everywhere—customers, vendors, sales teams, competitive pressures, government regulations…you get the idea. Your product dreams are often bigger than your ability to productize and bring them to market. There is a proven way to see through the clutter and prioritize the winners: Listen to your customers.

At Intermedia, we help Web hosts, MSPs and other IT service providers bring their customers’ demands for better email, Web mail, wireless email and lightweight business applications to market. We prioritize new features and products based on real customer problems articulated to us. It sounds obvious, but too many companies launch new products and features that are not solving even a single problem for their customers. The product, and in some cases the company, are doomed to slow growth and failure since the market messaging never strikes a tone with a customer.

What drives Intermedia? Customer feedback about their business challenges. Two business problems we are asked to repeatedly assist with are productivity and security—primary issues that all businesses struggle with today. Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo and AIM are great tools for communicating with others. We all use them, but using them at the office is becoming an issue for many businesses. From productivity problems to security problems to intellectual property leaks, public IM access at work is a problem.

After listening to our customers’ frequent requests, we recently launched a secure instant messaging solution based on Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007. This product idea was driven directly from our customers and is driving rapid adoption of this new service. In the end, this product will be successful because we are solving fundamental business problems with secure, business centric, instant messaging.

Wimpy CNET May Appeal JANA Director Ruling

A Delaware court ruled that CNET's hostile invaders--JANA & Co--can put 7 board members up for election after all. (That's why the stock is up today: Shareholders were suddenly filled with hope.) CNET had tried to quash this attempt at shareholder democracy by arguing that it violated the company's by-laws.

So what will CNET do now? Consider an appeal. Why? Because God forbid the company's new owners should be allowed to try to get current management fired.

If JANA should prevail, meanwhile, CNET's management intends to try to persuade shareholders that it is doing a good job and shoudn't be fired. And thank goodness for that.

If CNET's management wants to persuade us that they actually have shareholder interests in mind instead of their own, they'll go ahead and let JANA put up its director slate. Thus far, the company's responses to JANA's actions have been, well, wimpy. If Neil Ashe is the right guy, he should get up there and demonstrate that--not hind behind some by-law technicality.

Marketing Your Home Business From A Variety Of Methods

Many home business owners find their best success comes from a variety of marketing methods used in combination with one another.

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3 Best Magazine Themes for WordPress

The magazine style theme for WordPress seems to be a more popular choice these days, with web sites wanting to look less like your standard blog and more like a professional web site. Here are three of my favorites from this unique theme category:

1. Revolution  from

It will cost you around $80 for a single use license, but oh man - is it ever awe inspiring. One of the first to really make a name for magazine style WordPress theming, Revolution continues to be the top dog.

2. Grid Focus  from

This theme is a three column WordPress work of art. It also is distributed for free and is not dependent on having any certain WordPress plugins to work.

3. WordPress Magazine Theme  from

The name is simple enough, and this theme also delivers (as long as you wish to pay the almost $80 price tag). I do believe though this would be a good investment if you wanted a theme that made you look more professional and a little different than all the rest. Loads of banner ad space on this one too for advertising bliss.

As you can see there are loads of quality WordPress magazine themes out there if you know where to look. For more, the crew at Theme Playground has a nice roundup of some of the best of the best magazine themes available.

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Tips On Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

It is quite normal to expect people to want to look attractive and this might explain why anti-aging skin care products are so successful. Read more about anti-aging skin products here . . .

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The Hostfather - Episode 142

I hear you need a favor. You need a little something to listen to, to help pass the time at the data center you work at. Well, I’ll do you this little favor and provide episode 142 of the Web Hosting Show free of charge. I won’t even ask for a favor in return.

Download the Web Hosting Show, Episode 142!
Running Time: 12 minutes | File Size: 5.35 MB

Here are just a few topics from this week’s episode of the Web Hosting Show.

  • Best of the WordPress Magazine Themes!
  • Web Hosting Show is Nearly 3 Years Old?
  • Google + GoDaddy = Web Hosting Armageddon!
  • Server Status Monitoring with Firefox? (link)
  • What is so Great About PHP 5 over PHP 4?

I am the Dick Van Dyke to your crazy web hosting musical. You won’t catch me hanging out with Mary Poppins or trying to convince people I’m a music man. I only have room for one passion and woman in my life and that lovely lady’s name is web hosting.

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FBI VoIP Surveillance Requirements Leaked

Wikileaks recently published a leaked 88 page document entitled FBI Electronic Surveillance Needs for Carrier-Grade Voice over Packet (CGVoP) Service (PDF), which is part of the CALEA Implementation Plan published in January 2003. The document describes detailed FBI requirements for surveillance of phone calls made utilizing packet networks as

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3COM Deal Off the Table

3COM Deal Off the Table March 19th, 2008 VoIP Blog with the latest news in the VoIP, call center and CRM space, with plenty of opinion & analysis… Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »

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Web Hosting for Dummies

I like things that don’t suck - so when I found this web hosting tutorial that didn’t suck I had to watch. Cheap budgets aside, I do have to say this is one of the best explanations of web hosting I’ve seen on in video form.

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Sagem Interstar announces new Cisco UCM 6.1...

Montreal, Canada, March 17, 2008 – Sagem-Interstar Inc. (Sagem Communications) ... ;D leadership and further strengthens our position as the #1 FoIP solution in the Cisco VoIP marketplace."

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Saving Money on Your San Diego Vacation

Visiting San Diego can get expensive, but it's totally possible to have a low cost vacation by making a few important choices. Here are some tips.

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Enter the International Job Market as a Travel Nurse

Being a travel nurse provides you with both, professional and personal growth. There is acute shortage of registered nurses in USA. Health care facilities all over the nation are scrambling to fill up vacancies.

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Web Hosting Application Firm, 3Tera, Debuts New Cloud Solutions, with Nirvanix

Mountain View, California - (The Hosting News) - March 25, 2008 - Utility and grid computing solutions firm, 3Tera, Inc., has joined ''Cloud Storage'' platform provider, Nirvanix, to offer new advanced cloud computing solutions, for website application developers.

3Tera and Nirvanix will be integrating the Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network (SDN), which includes Nirvanix, the premier into the standard AppLogic catalog of virtual appliances. The first such integration is the inclusion of the Nirvanix SDN as a backup target option within the AppLogic Grid Operating System backup dynamic appliance.

Debbie Landa, Founder and CEO of Dealmaker Media, the organizer of Under The Radar conference noted, ''We are happy to see Under The Radar participants starting new partnerships. Both 3Tera and Nirvanix are new to our Graduate Circle of companies, both are offering exciting new technologies that allow emerging companies to easily build, manage and scale their web applications without the need to build and own complex and expensive data centers. Their announcement today is a proof point for our efforts to facilitate new business opportunities and exchange of innovative ideas.''

The solution is designed to enable developers to select the Nirvanix global storage network for the highest performance storage available in the market today. Additionally, by selecting the Nirvanix SDN, AppLogic customers will be able to send backup copies to multiple global locations simultaneously for best practices in disaster recovery. This integrated solution was demonstrated today, live, with a real application grid backing up multiple images and gigabytes of data to the SDN in just a few seconds.

Jonathan Buckley, Chief Marketing Officer for Nirvanix remarked, ''This solution blends together the best of both worlds, Utility Computing and Cloud Storage. The two companies are coming together to address a very real problem for their customer: How to complement the simplicity and automation of a robust Utility Computing platform, with a cost-disruptive, yet most-reliable layer of data protection based on Cloud Storage.''

Bert Armijo, Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Product Management, 3Tera, Inc. added, ''We are excited to work with Nirvanix, because they are bringing innovative high performance storage solutions to Web application developers. We have many users working with large data sets for whom backup and data mobility are serious concerns. Nirvanix performance and reliability provide immediate storage solutions as well as create new application opportunities.''

Under The Radar is a conference series and a blog profiling early-stage innovation, showcasing emerging startups and identifying trends. It began as an evening networking event in April 2003. After months of sold-out events, we were urged by our network of executives and VCs to create a full-day event: effectively a one-stop shop to evaluate and explore new business opportunities, partnerships, potential investments, and trends in several technology sectors. UTR conferences showcase 32 of the most disruptive startups in a sector. The conference takes a hands-on look at the true innovators fueling an explosion of emerging technology and new business opportunities.

Nirvanix is the premier ''Cloud Storage'' platform provider. Nirvanix is a privately held company headquartered in San Diego, California and backed by world-class investors including Intel Capital. Nirvanix has built a global cluster of storage nodes collectively referred to as the Storage Delivery Network (SDN), powered by the Nirvanix Internet Media File System (IMFS). The SDN intelligently stores, delivers and processes storage requests in the best network location, providing the best user experience in the marketplace. With the ability to store multiple file copies in multiple geographic nodes, the SDN enables unparalleled data availability for developers, businesses and enterprises.

In February, 3 Tera was named a 2007 Best SaaS Provider, by HostReview, selected for its impact on enabling utility computing solutions for the hosting industry. Featured on the HostReview web site's 2007 Top 10 Web Host Awards, Best SaaS Provider list, each award category lists companies who have distinguished themselves during the past year and have laid the foundations for continued quality service and innovation in 2008. The Top 10 Web Host Awards honor leading companies in eight different categories.To create their Best of the Year awards, HostReview editors reviewed the achievements of companies during the last year, including their contribution to the hosting industry and the performance of each company in their related category.

3Tera, Inc. is a grid and utility computing firm for the deployment and scaling of web applications. Named a 2007 Category Breaker by NetworkWorld magazine, 3Tera's AppLogic grid operating system enables the first true utility computing services that completely remove the cost and complexity associated with infrastructure. The operating system converts commodity servers into scalable grids on which users can visually operate deploy and scale transactional web applications without any modification of code. Software-as-a-Service providers, Web 2.0 companies, enterprises and open source developers may obtain new online services, to market by utilizing resources from commodity hosting providers on a pay-as-you-go basis, while maintaining complete control of applications including visual operation, scaling and on-demand resource provisioning using only a browser.

For more information about the conference, please visit:

To learn more about Nirvanix, please visit:

For more information about 3Tera, please visit:

(IT) Physical Security Representative

Rate: 75k-95k   Location: Tysons Corner, VA   

Provide physical and technical security support for a large corporation with numerous off-site locations within the WMA area. Ability to take on large projects such as rebadging entire company, consolidation of access control systems, etc. Knowledge of SCIF construction and modifications. Working knowledge of DCID 6/9 and the M-1, NISPOM and NISPOM Supplement. Familiar with DHS security regulations. Functional knowledge of X07 & X09s, locks, safes, key management, and alarms. Must be able to be on call and respond to alarms for one week a month. Candidate will interface and coordinate with customers as well as other employees. Subject will provide back up support for visit certifications and tracking of incoming visits. Candidate will coordinate with Government Security Representatives on all aspects of physical security. Escorting of vendors and visitors may be required. Strong communication skills, both written and oral. Customer Service skills required. Required Skills: PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS POSTING UNLESS YOU MEET CITIZENSHIP + SECURITY REQUIREMENTS. US CITIZENSHIP + ACTIVE TOP SECRET GOVERNMENT SECURITY CLEARANCE + SCI ACCESS REQUIRED.
    Rate:75k-95kType:PermanentLocation:Tysons Corner, VACountry:United States of AmericaContact:Wallach Associates, Inc.Advertiser:Wallach Associates, Inc.Start Date:ASAPReference:JS2076216/12418

GCC 3.4.6 issue with namespaces names

Hi ,
I am using gcc3.4.6 and having an issue with collisioning of namespaces
I am using two seperate namespaces , one is in thirdparty library code and then my own code I am using my own name space but i get the following error
/usr/local64/include/xercesc/dom/DOMException.hpp:211: error: use of `ExceptionCode' is ambiguous
/home/t/cvs/a/src/A/include/acexceptions.h:44: error: first declared as `enum ACTypes::ExceptionCode' here
/home/t/cvs/a/src/A/include/pursetypes.h:6: error: also declared as `typedef int PurseManager::ExceptionCode' here
In file included from /usr/local64/include/xercesc/dom/DOM.hpp:116,

I don't want to change the thirdparty code , Is there a gcc flag that I can force it to stop it complaining as this works with other compilers solaris and hp and later versions of Gcc 4.1.X

Please advise .


Creating website sections with Drupal

I am considering using Drupal for a website, and I am wondering whether Drupal makes it possible to separate a website into sections, with different looks/content for all webpages/nodes in a section. Also, if it is possible, how much know-how of Drupal/PHP would be required. Let me explain...

By sections, I mean a group of pages that includes distinct navigational elements, content, or graphic banners from other groups of pages. (I realize "sections" may not be the right terminology here, but I haven't been able to figure out what is so far.) As a sort of stupid illustrative example, for a website called Pets, there might be sections for Dogs, Cats, Fish, Birds, and on and on. All webpages in the Dogs section (perhaps hundres of pages) would have: (a) the same graphic banner with a dog, (b) blocks of copy or links related to dogs. The same for the Cats section, etc.

In practice, I would want this to work as follows: Whenever I created a new webpage (node, I guess, in Drupal terminology), I would be able to decide what section it belonged to (maybe from a pull-down menu listing the "sections"), and the correct look/content would be applied automatically.

What module(s) would be most appropriate for doing this?

Thanks so much for any tips/guidance!

MySQL/PHP Retrieving image paths from database and insert into News Release text (1 reply)

Help! I am not a programmer. I am looking for a php script to insert the following image paths from a MySQL database and their associated html "alt" and captions and insert them in their referenced comment line <!---img_2---> in the news release text when the page is displayed. The news release may have 0-3 images on a page, but staggered left, right, left.

Question: Do I reference a variable in the MySQL database field "release_text" or do I use the comment line <!---img_1---> ? What is the best way to handle this without causing too much overload on the page to display.

MySQL Fields:
img_1: /news_events/news_releases/images/bottleneck.jpg
img1_caption: Mathematics have yielded tremendous advances and powerful new technologies.
img_2: /news_events/news_releases/images/diagram.jpg
img2_caption: Dictyostelium was chosen by the scientists because it's the simplest organism in which to study the complex phenomena they hope to investigate.
img_3: /news_events/news_releases/images/floats.jpg
img3_caption: Dictyostelium has a solitary lifestyle in which each individual cell is on its own.
release_text: (to follow)
Physicists and biologists at the University of California, San Diego have been awarded $3-million from the National Science Foundation to collaborate in characterizing, in an integrated way, the development of the Dictyostelium discoideum, an organism popularly known as a slime mold.<br/>
The five-year award, which includes researchers at Cornell University, was one of 16 research grants announced this month by the NSF to foster a better scientific understanding of the interrelationships that arise when living things at all levels-from molecular structures to genes to ecosystems-interact with their environment.<br/><br/>
"Past investments in molecular biology, remote sensing, information science, and mathematics have yielded tremendous advances and powerful new technologies and tools that now make biocomplexity research possible," said Rita Colwell, director of NSF.<br/>
In the biocomplexity award to UCSD, physicists, biologists and computational scientists from the two universities will attempt to connect the underlying genetic information about Dictyostelium to its morphology and multicellular organization. <br/>
"Dictyostelium provides the simplest example of cellular biology mechanisms that go on everywhere," said Herbert Levine who heads the research collaboration. "In our investigations of the organism, we will try to bring a level of precision that will enable us to bridge the gap between genomics and multicellular organization."<br/>
Other UCSD researchers involved in the project include Jose N. Onuchic, professor of physics, which will receive approximately $700,000 of the $3-million award over the next five years. <br/>
Levine said Dictyostelium was chosen by the scientists because it's the simplest organism in which to study the complex phenomena they hope to investigate, such as the cell's response to external signals that coordinate multicellular development.<br/>
"Dictyostelium has a solitary lifestyle in which each individual cell is on its own," he added. "But the organisms also go through a developmental cycle in which they cooperate when food becomes scarce-sending each other signals, aggregating together and forming rudimentary multicellular organisms, one of which is a slug that can crawl around looking for a better environment."<br/>

Script which displays news release text.

<?php echo $row_news_release['release_text']; ?><br>

This is the sample div and html format which should be output for all images

<!-- inserted img_1--><br />
<div class="floatleft" style="width: 288px;">
<img src="/news_events/news_releases/images/bottleneck.jpg"

alt="Mathematics have yielded tremendous advances and powerful new technologies."

border="0" hspace="0" vspace="0" />
<p> Mathematics have yielded tremendous advances and powerful new technologies..
<!-- inserted img_2--><br />
<div class="floatright" style="width: 288px;">
<img src="/news_events/news_releases/images/diagram.jpg"

alt="Dictyostelium was chosen by the scientists because it's the simplest organism in which to study the complex phenomena they hope to investigate."

border="0" hspace="0" vspace="0" />
<p> Dictyostelium was chosen by the scientists because it's the simplest organism in which to study the complex phenomena they hope to investigate.
<!-- inserted img_3--><br />
<div class="floatright" style="width: 288px;">
<img src="/news_events/news_releases/images/floats.jpg"

alt=" Dictyostelium has a solitary lifestyle in which each individual cell is on its own."

border="0" hspace="0" vspace="0" />
<p> Dictyostelium has a solitary lifestyle in which each individual cell is on its. own.

I have looked all over for a solution or snippet of code which could handle this. Any help you can provide, I would most appreciate. Many thanks.

How to Improve Your College Admissions Essay

The college admissions essay can be quite a daunting and intimidating task for many aspiring college students. However, the college admissions essay does not have to be so bad.

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Dev Shed Forums - Google Maps API - View All Markers On Load

Date: March 22nd, 2008 04:15 PM - tuck00 - Google Maps API - View All Markers On Load Post: Hey, I'm using the Google Maps API on one of my sites, and it places custom markers using data from a database. The data changes, and rows are added/deleted frequently. How do I make the Google Maps A...
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Dev Shed Forums - Setup Request

Date: March 22nd, 2008 05:50 PM - Solfire - Untitled Post: Haha, yes I'm hoping someone would be willing to tackle this for free. But I would definitely advertise them on my site if they have their own business! Thank you for the welcome! :)...
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Forex Trading Price Action - How and Why Prices Really Move an Make Big Profits

Forex trading price action - how and why do prices move? You may think the answer is obvious but its not if it was 95% of forex traders wouldn't lose their money. Most trades simply have no idea how and why prices move -if you do you can become a winner at forex trading.

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Politicians are Following Me!

About 2 weeks ago, my Blackberry started going insane. It was notifying me about the 20 new Twitter followers I had in about 20 minutes. Naturally, I suffered from PVS <Phantom Vibrate Syndrome> the rest of the day.

All of the followers, were names of politicians. It would make sense that I am not the only one this is happening to. Obviously I understand the value of these politicians, or rather the marketing dept's of them, following me on Twitter. But something about this strikes me as wrong!

So in response to Politicians following me on Twitter:

You are all blocked!

Buttons or Links: Which One Brings More Traffic?

If you have an affiliate marketing website, you want to keep visitors browsing your site as long as possible. But there are so many different methods, theories, ideas and ways to do that. The Aweber Company can help you achieve your goals.

Recently, the company posted a blog about split testing. A couple of guys in the company debated which feature causes visitors to explore a site more–buttons or text links.

Here's what they did:

On their blogs, they created two versions of the "call to action." This basically means that the first part of the blog would appear on one page and then either a text link or a button with the words "read more" would take the visitor to the rest of the blog. They used the text link on half the blogs and the button on the other half. Everything else was identical.

Within two weeks of starting the test, it was fairly obvious that the button worked much better in getting people to "click through" to read more.

But after running the test for several months, they found out that the text link started gaining more popularity and even beat the button about 53 percent of the time. They decided that the button’s novelty made it more popular in the beginning, but visitors eventually became desensitized to it.

The moral of this story? The experts at Aweber have dedicated themselves to finding the reasons and methods for making your website succeed. Contact them today and start enjoying more success tomorrow!

Please...for the love of me....... (5 replies)

Hi All,

Apologies for the topic name, but im now ready to destroy my mac.

I've got MySQL running on it fine, I can create tables,delete tables add information into tables everything through the commannd line all fine and dandy.

I've got my Apache web server running fine, allows me to view the local host with no problems and flick through pages.

I've got my PHP up and going, again no problems can get to view standard PHP pages.

I cant get all 3 to work together for all the tea in China!!

I'm running a fairly standard connection script just to confirm the connection: -


$mysqli = new mysqli(*, *, *, "F1_2008");

if ($mysqli_connect_errno()) {
printf("Connect failed: %s\n", mysqli_connect_errno());
} else {
printf("Host Information: %s\n", mysqli_get_host_info($mysqli));

but it just returns blank, not even an error message, and thats my problem, i dont know which way to turn, its just a completely blank screen. Am I missing something completely obvious??

Any help would be very very greatly appreciated.



Web Hosting Show Turns 3!

This week marks a big mile stone for me and for you. This podcast marks the 3rd year the Web Hosting Show has been around, creating podcasts week after week to help you learn more about and get more out of the web hosting industry. In previous years I have had bigger celebrations but this year I’d like to tone it down a ‘bit.

I often get asked a few general questions about this show and how I do things so I thought this week’s show would be a perfect time to answer some frequently asked questions.

When and how did this podcast start up?

This podcast was a project I wanted to do after writing Lockergnome’s Guide to Web Hosting. After that eBook was finished, I needed something to spend my time on - and with podcasting still being an infant those days, I thought I would try to put together a weekly show. Three years later, I have yet to find a reason to stop yet.

Who are you to tell me about web hosting?

I’m just a guy who has a passion for the web hosting business. I’ve been described as a cheerleader by some, but personally I don’t think I look that good in a skirt. I started in the hosting industry back in 2003 - working as a level one support guru. Then I worked my way up to becoming both a customer service director, then manager. In late 2004 I was fired from my day to day hosting duties and decided to give freelance writing a shot. From there till 2006 I wrote about the hosting industry and worked for several Online juggernauts till I came back to customer service work at Lunarpages in September of 2006. I guess if you wanted to consider that a “day job”, my role there is the forum mod and “sales guy”.

What advice do you have to give other podcasters?

If anybody else out there wanted to do what I do about any topic out there under the sun, I would tell them to just give it a shot. You’ll never know if your any good unless you stop being afraid of failure and get of your rear end and try. I have been far from successful at everything I have done (everybody has a bad idea from time to time) but get an idea, grab a mic and talk. If the listeners come, they come. If they don’t then you at least can say you gave it your best shot.

What is next for the Web Hosting Show?

Well, with 400 to 500 episode downloads a month I am happy to say the Web Hosting Show’s audience continues to grow day after day, and podcast after podcast. As an example, here is my feed stats from day one to the present:

I want to keep doing what I’m doing, hopefully do it well.

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This post was guest blogged by Mr Gary Lee, who is an Apple whore.

A couple of weeks ago, I received a message from John telling me that he was planning to buy an Apple. Of course, this came as a shocker since he has always been known as a PC advocate and well-known hater of the music company that makes computers - Apple. It was soon after he explained to me why he was buying one that I realized his evil plan was never going to work. John told me he planned to completely uninstall the OEM operating system - Leopard, in order to replace it with the Windows Vista operating system. Once he was done, he planned to parade around town and on the net his portable paradox for all to see. Unfortunately, John just didn’t realize that there are powers in this world that control and prevent these anomalies in life. Much like how the sun sets west and not east, how birds heads south instead of north and how Forrest turned left rather than right to find Lieutenant Dan, the forces of nature steered John clear of his original intentions and showed him the light that is Mac. As an admited Apple Zealot myself, the next obvious step was to open Chow’s eyes to the highly pretentious lifestyle of Mac users and to show him the the Top 10 Mac applications every blogger shouldn’t be without.

Now that John Chow has made the switch, he has also decided to start down a path that many tech-savvy people have walked these past few years. According to The Unofficial Apple Weblog, you will now see John with his nose in the air, driving a Hybrid Vehicle (most likely a Prius), listening to music he actually paid for on iTunes while sipping on a Starbucks drink that I have no idea how to spell. Instead of going to any more open houses, he will purchase a prefab eco-friendly home from which will be fully furnished by Designs Within Reach. To top it off, he will also now be using Teeth-Whitening Products to a point where they’re going to be make his grill frightenly white and begin blogging on Apartment Therapy!

In any case, these are my top 10 applications I would suggest for our resident super blogger so that he can continue this fabulous lifestyle. The following applications are awesome programs that take full advantage of the new macbook pro and abilities of John Chow the blogger.

QuickSilver - No true Mac App list can be without QuickSilver. This is hands down the best applications launching device made for the mac and if learned properly, can increase your work efficiently exponentially! Ecto - As wordpress bloggers, don’t you hate the fact that you have to be online in order to write a proper post with graphics? Some times my inspirations come at the most random times and an online connection just isn’t available. Ecto is the best offline blogging software out there that makes blogging on flights back from Vegas or at trips to dot com Pho a possibility. Adium - iChat is great for video chat and screen sharing, but when it comes down to managing ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, AIM, GChat and the hordes of other chat programs, there’s nothing like the open source goodness of Adium. Skype - I just mentioned that ichat is great for video chat and it really is, but if you have a business meeting and need to make sure you pick up every single sound and frame of your communication, then Skype is the way to go. I can see John using Skype now to do online interviews for podcasts or video podcasts (hint hint people) because the clarity at which Skype transmits is truly unrivaled in this market. Wallsaver - This application is purely to showoff the awesome power of Leopard. If you want to really trick out your computer wallpaper and wow people when they come see your computer, download this program and find some great screensavers to run in the background while you work. With John’s new 30″ LCD coming, he’ll definitely want to show off the graphics power of his new mac! ImageWell - On one occassion, John told me how much he missed his ACDSee program from his antiquated PC, so I went out and found him this program to help with his numerous amounts of graphic projects. This will definitely make resizing photos as easy as before. CyberDuck - The best open source FTP application out there. A great number of plugins which help make transfering files a breeze. SnapzProX - A screen capture video recording program that every Super Blogger needs to show off the newest tricks he has up his sleeve. It might cost a lil bit, but all John has to do is include a link to a manure affiliate program and the program’s paid for. Keynote - You know those monthly income reports that John generates for all of us to drool at. Well, get out the bath towels because when he begins to combine those numbers with the eye candy of Keynote, there’s going to be a new record number of comments under his next income report. Spaces - One of the great gems of the Leopard operating system, Spaces really kicks butt in helping get programs and mindsets organized to get daily tasks completed in an orderly fashion. I can’t imagine how many programs John is going to open with Spaces AND his new 30″ LCD.

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